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  • Do you buy books from the public?
    We regret that we are unable to buy books from the public. We suggest that if you are looking for cash for your books, you can try selling books on eBay or Gumtree.
  • Do you take book donations?
    We will gratefully accept donations which we share with the Salvation Army, Lifeline and other charity shops but we are unable to accept textbooks, magazines and encyclopedias.
  • What are your opening hours?
    Tuesday to Friday 9.30am–4.30pm Saturday 9.30am–2.30pm Sunday - Monday Closed
  • Do you accept credit cards?
    Yes, we accept Mastercard, Visa and American Express.
  • Do you have a list of all the books in stock?
    Yes, we maintain a database of all the books in store. So you are welcome to check at the counter to see if the book you want is available.
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